Elevator Door Inverter

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

iAStar-S2 elevator door inverter, as its name indicates, is a frequency inverter especially for elevator door control and other types of automatic door control as well. It is designed based on vector control and V/F control technologies, and features compact and rational structure, small size, simple wire connection, and easy testing and commissioning, etc. Users can also choose an elevator door inverter with parameters compatible with their doors, thus avoiding testing and commissioning on site. While designing, we give the highest attention to varied application demands of end users, so our elevator door inverters have multiple functions, simple use and high operation safety standard.

Following are some other details on the design advantages and functions of the elevator door inverter
The high voltage inverter is applicable for not only common loads like fans, pumps and conveyors, etc., but also equipment requiring high precision speed control and large starting torque, such as plastic and rubber processing equipment, food equipment, and more.
To illustrate, our high voltage inverters have been widely used to drive different types of water pumps, fans, air compressors, and belt conveyors, etc. in industries and fields such as thermal power generation, water supply and water treatment, metallurgy, cement and porcelain, air conditioning, offshore drilling platform, and more. They are also widely used in plastic and rubber processing and food making industries to drive extruding machine, mixing equipment, grinding machine, and filtering equipment, etc. The high voltage inverter is also ideal for use in pharmaceutical industry, papermaking industry and testing labs to drive related equipment.

Main Features
1. Based on the requirement related to the control performance of lift door, the elevator door inverter adopts vector control and V/F control technology. The PI parameter is settable. With high frequency resolution up to 0.01Hz, the speed control performance and the positional accuracy of the door operator are hereby improved.
2. The IPM, together with advanced control technology, makes for stable and reliable operation of the elevator door inverter.
3. Engineered with wide voltage input range and automatic voltage adjustment function, this product is suitable for the application in severe environment.
4. Multiple groups of parameters can be set up for operation curve.
5. Constant torque for door opening and closing.
6. The adjustable torque compensation capability makes the elevator door inverter suitable for door leaf with different weights, ensuring mild door opening and closing, as well as the safety of the passengers.
7. The function of door-width self learning ability results in the proper operation of the elevator door.
8. Our elevator door inverter is designed with multiple protection functions, such as over-torque protection, anti-pinch protection, door-closing rotor-locking function, etc.
9. CAN communication ensures high-speed, safe, and reliable data transmission.

Technical Specifications of Elevator Door Inverter
Item Technical Index
Input Voltage Single-phase, 220VAC ( ± 10%)
Frequency 50~60Hz ( ± 5%)
Output Capacity (kVA) 1.0kVA
Output current [A] 2.0A
Frequency 0~50Hz
Voltage 0~220VAC, three-phase
Motor power HP 0.5
kW ≤0.4kW
Control Control mode Vector control, V/F control
Frequency precision 0.01% of max. output frequency
Overload capacity 120% of rated current: 1min; 200% of rated current: 0.5second
Torque compensation Manual torque compensation (0~40%)
Operation function Operation command Keyboard/Terminals/CAN-BUS
Parameter configuration Manipulator/PC
Starting signal Door opening/door closing/low speed door closing
Operational error Error correction Automatic error correction when protection functions are valid
Output signal Output signal in operation Error signal; Door-closing rotor-locking signal; Signal of door-opening/closing in position
Input-terminals Open the door (A1/A2/A3) Opto-isolated input
Close the door (A1/A2/A3)
Low speed door closing (A1/A2/A3)
Open the door in position (A2/A3)
Close the door in position (A2/A3)
Open the door, decelerated (A2/A3)
Close the door, decelerated (A2/A3)
Output terminals Door-open relay 1 Relay-output, 5A 250VAC/3A 30VDC
Door-close relay 2
Door-closing rotor-locking relay 3
Encoder 1 A, B, 0V, +24V (supports only type A1 and A2) Input interface: Push-Pull, Open Collector
Encoder 2 A, B, 0V, +12V (supports only type A3) Input interface: Push-Pull, Open Collector
Encoder 3 A+, A-, B+, B-, 0V, +%V (supports only Type A1) Input interface: Difference
Communication port CAN bus port
Protection functions Inverter protection IPM hardware error, A/D switch, over-voltage(Vdc ≥400V),undervoltage (Vdc ≤180V), overheating of inverters, over-current (≥1.21e: 60s; ≥21e: 0.5s; the duration is in inverse proportion to current), motor overload, disconnection of Encoder, EEROM, terminal damage protection functions (10 protection functions in total)
Voltage drop Less than 15ms: operate continuously
Display Operation information Output current, DC-BUS-voltage, output and input terminal status
Error information Inverter error information can be displayed when protection functions are available and effective
Weight 1.5kg
Cooling method Natural cooling

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