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Frequency Inverter, Elevator Controller Manufacturer in China

STEP Electric Corporation is a publicly traded company in China, founded in 1995. As an elevator control system product manufacturer in China, we offer a wide range of products, including servo drive, elevator inverter, elevator integrated drive and controller, general vector inverter, elevator main controller board, car controller board, and indicator board. STEP products are extensively used for the control and drive of elevators, escalators, harbor cranes, hoisting equipment, industrial fans, and water pumps, in industries such as power generation, mining, plastic and rubber processing, packaging, construction, etc. In addition to elevator control system, we also provide a wide variety of elevator parts for customers to choose from.

  • Full Serial VVVF Control CabinetThe excellent VVVF drive system assembled in our full serial VVVF operating box ensures higher stability of the elevator and offers a better elevator travelling experience to passengers.
    CAN bus serial communication method greatly reduces the quantity of cable cores and saves the cost spent on wiring.
  • Full Serial DCVV Control CabinetThe electric drive uses a MENTOR II DCVV speed regulator produced by British CT, and there is no need for electric generator set. By changing the voltage on the brush of the motor, the motor speed can be modulated. Hence, an elevator controlled by the DCVV control cabinet offers a comfortable feeling, improved operation efficiency and reduced energy consumption. The full serial DCVV control cabinet uses an absorption circuit and a DC reactor to ...
  • Fan Inverter, Water Pump Inverter
  • Fan Inverter, Water Pump InverterThe AS160 frequency inverter is classified into fan inverter and water pump inverter according to its application. Our water pump inverter is a newly developed AC drive for industrial and civil use water pumps. It is flexible and convenient to use, and provides water supply system with multiple functions, like constant pressure water supply, and water pump switch functions, etc. Our fan inverter and water pump inverters are designed based on ...
  • Elevator Inverter
  • Elevator InverterAS320 elevator inverter is a kind of newly developed frequency inverter especially for elevators. It is designed with 32-bit MPU for motor driving, high performance complex programmable logic device (CPLD), and advanced power module. Meanwhile, the elevator inverter is designed based on international advanced closed loop vector control technology and supports various control modes including V/F control, sensorless vector control...
  • Elevator Integrated Drive and Controller
  • Elevator Integrated Drive and ControllerDue to CAN bus serial communication, the elevator integrated drive and controller is provided with simple wire connection, strong data transmission capability and high reliability. It also offers high compatibility, as it is applicable for both synchronous motors and asynchronous motors. Incremental ABZ encoders can be utilized to achieve synchronous motor control.
  • General Vector Inverter
  • General Vector InverterDesigned based on advanced drive technologies, the vector inverter is able to control various types of electric motors such as an induction or asynchronous motor, permanent magnetic synchronous traction motor, permanent magnetic synchronous motor, permanent magnetic synchronous servo motor, and more. Due to this, the vector inverter has wide range of applications and is extensively used for control of escalators, water pumps...
  • Harbor Crane 4-Quadrant Inverter
  • Harbor Crane 4-Quadrant InverterAS700 harbor crane 4-quadrant inverter comes with compact structure, and is equipped with an energy regenerative power supply unit which allows the energy generated during braking process to be fed back into the power grid. So, it is very energy saving and requires little installation space. Requiring no external braking resistor, the harbor crane 4-quadrant inverter is easy for installation.
  • High Voltage Inverter
  • High Voltage InverterThe high voltage inverter comes with high efficiency. Firstly, the sine wave output current greatly reduces motor's ultraharmonics loss. Meanwhile, the primary winding of input transformer offers low ultraharmonics, ensuring a high system operation efficiency of 97% minimally. In addition, the high voltage inverter requires no output transformer, which helps reduce power consumption. And it requires no power factor compensation ...

Shanghai STEP Electric Corporation, founded in 1995, is a National High-tech Enterprise, National Innovative Enterprise, Shanghai IPR Model Enterprise, Shanghai Patent Model Enterprise, and Shanghai Technology Center. STEP strives to achieve customer satisfaction, foster employee pride, and bring benefits to the community. In December, 2010, STEP made its initial public offering on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The Stock Name is STEP and Stock Code is 002527.

STEP Electric Corporation has research and development centers and manufacturing bases in both China and Germany, and six subsidiaries in China, including: Shanghai Sigriner STEP Electric Company Ltd., Shanghai STEP Elevator Components Company Ltd., Shanghai STEP Electric Wire & Cable Company Ltd., Shanghai STEP Software Technology Company Ltd., Yixin (Shanghai) International Trade Company Ltd., Hong Kong STEP International Electric Holdings Company Ltd. and our overseas company, STEP Sigriner Elektronik GmbH.

STEP has a national level Postdoctoral Research Station. Our company was also responsible for the edition and revision of seven national technical standards, and has 74 patents and 29 software copyrights. The industrialization of our inverter project has received the financial support of the National Key Technology Innovation Fund and was listed in the National Torch Program (a Chinese national project encouraging technology development). Our vector inverter and control system have been identified as National Key New Products and have been honored with the Shanghai Science & Technology Invention Award, and our servo drive system was named a Shanghai Independent Innovative Product.

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