Serial LED Elevator Calling / Indicator Board

1. Our serial LED elevator calling & indicator board is equipped with a16-bit high performance industrial CPU.
2. CAN Bus serial communication method helps save cables and make wiring work easier.
3. Our serial indicator board adopts 7-segment or 16-segment LED display and the display color can be red, orange or blue.

1. Dynamic display for elevator running direction and floor number can be achieved by our serial LED elevator calling & indicator board.
2. This serial LED elevator calling panel supports both elevator calling and locking functions.

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    1. Serial Calling Board
    2. Serial Calling Board

      The serial calling board can generate and receive call signals controlled by a 16 bit high performance industrial CPU. After the elevator stops, the serial calling board will drive the indicator lamp and the chime. For an elevator equipped with our serial calling board, passengers can set the floor number by a rotary switch. Our serial calling board uses the cable saving and easy wiring CAN-Bus serial communication and has four relay outputs and elevator locking function.

    1. Serial LCD Elevator Calling / Indicator Board
    2. Serial LCD Elevator Calling / Indicator Board

      1.Using a 16-bit high performance industrial grade CPU, our serial LCD elevator calling & indicator board is able to display rich contents clearly and softly. 2. Employing the CAN Bus serial communication method, our serial elevator indicator plate saves cables and enjoys easy wiring work. 3. Size of the display area for the SM-04-VL B3 model calling board is 124 mm×65 mm, while display area size for the SM.04VL16/A model one is 115 mm×49 mm. 4. Contents will be displayed in white under blue background on the indicating board.

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