Liquid Cooled VFD Cabinet, AS720

AS720 series liquid cooled VFD adopts STEP's mature platform of VFDs. The radiator of the general VFD is replaced with a cold plate cooled by refrigerant, which greatly reduces the size of the VFD while saving the cost. The power of cold plate VFD covers a range from110kW to 710kW.


  • Refrigerant cooling, with anti-condensation function;
  • Small size, high power density;
  • Protection grade of IP54, IP55 (optional);
  • Built-in cooling system, up to 55℃ without derating;
  • Supporting direct-drive permanent magnet synchronous motor, high frequency output;
  • Applicable to centrifugal chiller, screw chiller and magnetic levitation chiller;
  • Power range 110-710kW;


Size (W*H*D)(mm) Protection grade Operating temperature (without derating) Max. output frequency (Hz) Max. carrier frequency (Hz)
1st generation 250kw~450kw:1300*1000*400 IP22/IP54 -10~45℃ 650 6K
2nd generation 110kw~280kw:1000*900*400 IP55 -10~55℃ 1000 8K

VFD In Applications

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