AC Servo Drive iK3 Series (EtherCAT Drive)

iK3 series servo drive adopts the latest communication system, creating highly efficient and user-friendly operation for device. This greatly enhances production efficiency and output value.

  • High Response
    Current loop frequency response > 2.5 kHz: 16-bit current sampling accuracy; dual sampling and dual update algorithms
    Speed loop frequency response > 1.6 kHz: 23-bit absolute encoder; Kalman observation algorithm
  • High Accuracy
    Bus synchronization accuracy < 0.1us: multi-axis synchronization algorithm at current ring level
  • High Speed Motor
    Weak magnetic observation and control function for the servo motor to reach the maximum speed in an instant
  • Great Adaptability
    Standard EtherCAT communication protocol can be adapted to any EtherCAT bus controller.
    With detailed functions such as active resonance suppression, end jitter suppression, friction compensation, groove torque compensation, the servo performance can be perfected under various mechanical structures.
    Thickened three-proof paint for better environmental (moisture, corrosion, etc.) adaptation
Technical Specifications of AC Servo Drives
Model No. iK3AS04 iK3AS08 iK3AS15 iK3AS22 iK3AS30 iK3AS50 iK3BS15 iK3BS25 iK3BS35 iK3BS55 iK3BS75
0.4kW 0.75kW 1.5kW 2.2kW 3kW 5kW 1.8kW 3kW 3.8kW 5.5kW 7.5kW
Input Power
Control Mode Three-phase PWM converter sine wave drive
Main Power 220V: Single-phase/three phase 220V AC(-15~+10%, 50~60Hz)
380V: Three-phase 380V AC(-15~+10%, 50~60Hz)
Control power 220V: Single-phase 220V AC(-15~+10%, 50~60Hz)
Rated current 220V:0.4kW/2.8A, 0.75kW/5.5A, 1.5kW/10A, 2.2kW/12A, 3kW/16A, 5kW/25A
380V: 1.8kW/5A, 3kW/8A, 3.8kW/12A, 5.5kW/16A, 7.5kW/20A
Encoder feedback ABZ incremental encoder / absolute encoder
Working temperature 0~45°C
Storage temperature -20~65°C
Working humidity 20~85% RH or less (non-condensing)
Storage humidity 20~85% RH or less (non-condensing)
Working and storage air indoor (no direct sunlight), non-corrosive gases, flammable gases, oil mist, dust
Altitude Below 1000m
Vibration 5.8m/s² (0.6G) below 10~60Hz (Cannot be used continuously at resonant frequency)
Insulation and
pressure resistance
Primary- between F and G, 1 minute under AC1500V
Control signals
Input 6-channel inputs (DC24V optocoupler isolation), input function can be selected according to parameters
Output 4-channel optocoupler isolated output; output function can be selected according to parameters
Communications EtherCAT, CANopen
Regenerative resistance 400W: without; over 750W: with
Position control modes
Control input Servo on, positive rotation prohibited, negative rotation prohibited, forward current limit,
 reverse current limit, forward limit switch, negative limit switch, zero return proximity switch,
 bus IO input, probe 1, probe 2, fault reset
Control Output Servo return to zero completion, servo operation preparation completion, servo fault, position
 tracking over limit, target position arrival, STO enable flag, bus IO output, brake output
Pulse output
Output pulse patterns Phase A, phase B, phase Z: differential output
Frequency dividing ratio Arbitrary frequency division
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