AC Servo Drive, K1 Series
(Communication Control: Pulse/Analog/CANopen)

K1 series servo drive comes with outstanding features in terms of intelligent control, stability and operation.

  • Intelligent Control
    Powerful internal position control mode allows for continuous multi-path planning for rich motion control; supports up to 32 data sets for planning, each set of data can be set to the number of pulses or angle required, and internal position control mode can be set for speed, acceleration, deceleration and emergency deceleration. Determining load inertial mechanical properties and setting optimal gain can be made in an automatic manner, significantly shortening system commissioning time.
  • Stable Running
    The AC servo drive features mechanical resonance frequency analysis, and is configured with two sets of trap filters with adjustable frequency (50-5000Hz) and trap depth. This effectively avoids low frequency resonance and mechanical end vibration. Vibration frequency (1-100Hz) and vibration damping can be set based on actual requirements. Frictional torque compensation reduces the effect of static friction during mechanical commutation, improving command following performance at low speeds.
  • Easy Operation
    With intuitive and simple operation, the AC servo drive supports for debugging software, mechanical characteristics analysis, parameter setting, monitoring and other functions.
Technical Specifications of AC Servo Drives
Model No. K1AS02 K1AS04 K1AS08 K1AS15 K1AS22 K1AS30 K1AS50 K1BS15 K1BS25 K1BS35 K1BS55 K1BS75
0.2kW 0.4kW 0.75kW 1.5kW 2.2kW 3kW 5kW 1.8kW 3kW 3.8kW 5.5kW 7.5kW
Input Power
Control mode Three-phase PWM converter sine wave drive
Main power 220V: Single-phase/three phase 220V AC(-15~+10%, 50~60Hz)
380V: Three-phase 380V AC(-15~+10%,50~60Hz)
Control power 220V: Single-phase 220V AC(-15~+10%,50~60Hz)
Rated current 220V: 0.2KW/2A, 0.4kW/2.8A, 0.75kW/5.5A, 1.5kW/10A, 2.2kW/12A, 3kW/16A, 5kW/25A
380V: 1.8kW/5A, 3kW/8A, 3.8kW/12A, 5.5kW/16A, 7.5kW/20A
Encoder feedback ABZ incremental encoder / absolute encoder
Working temperature 0~45°C
Storage temperature -20~65°C
Working humidity 20~85%RH or less (non-condensing)
Storage humidity 20~85%RH or less (non-condensing)
Working and storage air indoor (no direct sunlight), non-corrosive gases, flammable gases, oil mist, dust
Altitude Below 1000m
Vibration 5.8m/s² (0.6G) below 10~60Hz (Cannot be used continuously at resonant frequency)
Insulation and pressure resistance Primary- between F and G, 1 minute under AC1500V
IO Input 4-channel (DC24V optocoupler isolation) Input function can be selected according to parameters below:
 Servo on, P action, positive rotation inhibit, negative rotation inhibit, alarm reset, positive torque limit,
 negative torque limit, error clear
IO Output 3-channel optocoupler isolated output; the following output function can be selected according to
 parameters: Alarm output, position proximity, velocity consistent detection output, motor rotation
 detection, servo ready, torque limit, brake release
Pulse input Differential input: 500K; open collector: 200K
Pulse + direction, AB orthogonal pulse, CW+CCW pulse
Pulse output Phase A, phase B: differential output. Phase Z: differential output or open collector output
Internal speed command Three-speed distribution via input terminals
Overload Capacity Max. 3 times torque
Analog input 2-channel differential input ±10V, 1-channel single-ended 0-10V; switch according to control mode
Communication Modbus; Customized CAN
Control modes 12 control modes: position control, speed control, torque control, inner speed, position/speed control,
position/torque control, speed/torque control, inner speed/position, inner speed/speed,
inner speed/torque, speed/zero clamp, position control/command inhibit
Regenerative resistance 400W: without external regenerative resistance; over 750W: with external regenerative resistance
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