AC Servo Drive, Ω6 Series
(Communication Control: Pulse/Analog)

AC servo drive features high performance, multifunction, and modular construction. This servo drive is equipped with the black box self-diagnosis system, ensuring the status of the machine can be delivered to the user in a real-time manner.

  • Self-tuning, saving 90% of the equipment debugging time
  • Speed loop bandwidth 3.5kHz
  • Current loop refresh rate 1MHz
  • With three-way 16-digit analog command entered, the change in 2 mv voltage can be distinguished and the control precision can be improved by 16 times.
  • With strong power, the AC servo drive can easily handle 115% overload rate of continuous load and 350% instantaneous overload.
  • Response to IO in 1 μs makes it easy to deal with the needs of aerial photography and probe;
    With two-degree-of-freedom control + pseudo-differential feedforward control, both high-speed response and strong interference are available;
    Equipped with 16 M pulse control interface, the control precision can be increased by 4 times.
  • Friction compensation + over-quadrant bump inhibition
  • New gantry synchronization algorithm + standard RJ45 socket
  • On-line inertia identification + on-line parameter self-tuning
  • V-shaped anti-vibration control + end vibration control + self-adaptive notch filter
Technical Specifications of AC Servo Drives
200V-grade drive specifications
Models Type A Type A Type B Type B Type C Type D Type D
Drive power, kW 0.2 0.4 0.75 1.0 1.5 2.0 3.0
Rated current, Arms 2.1 2.8 5.0 6.0 8.4 12.5 18.1
Continuous running current, Arms 2.4 3.2 5.6 7.0 9.7 14.4 20.8
Maximum output current, Arms 6.3 9.8 15 18 30 37.5 54.3
Power source of main circuit Single-phase AC200V~240 V, -15%~10% Single/three-phase AC200V~240V, -15%~10% Three-phase AC200V~240V, -15%~10%
Power source of control circuit Single-phase AC200V~240 V, -15%~10%
Servo Drive Configuration
Function Basic type (B) General-purpose type (G) Full-function type (F)
USB communication √  √  √ 
Modbus  √ √  √ 
WiFi   √  √ 
Safety functions     √ 
Command pulse input √  √  √ 
Analog voltage input   √  √ 
Encoder 2     √ 
High speed DI (3 channels)   √  √ 
High speed DO (2 channels)   √  √ 
High speed probe   √  √ 
Aerial photography   √  √ 
Gantry function     √ 
Black box    √ √ 
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